Meat Trading

We can confidently ensure a consistent supply of meat to any destination, given that we are currently exporting to countries like Indonesia and Singapore. At the same time, we distribute our supply across the local Australian market. Our supply capacity per order stands at 15,000 heads (estimated 18kg-20kg per head).

Our prices are also very competitive, and this is because of the full ownership we retain on all our farms.

Operating under the strict supervision of Australia’s governing bodies, our meat not only meet the required standards for export, but exceed these standards through the implementation of a stringent quality management systems.

What’s more, to cater to the ever-growing Halal industry, all meat is Halal-certified by recognised Halal certification agencies in Australia. Due to full ownership of our own farms – unlike many meat traders who source from elsewhere – we can ensure the Halal process by regulating and monitoring the feed and the entire life process of the livestock.

We specializes in a wide range of quality Australian Sheep meat products. Our extensive supply base for sheep means we can meet all purchase requests, large or small, and provide product to suit regional tastes. This includes meeting specific fat score requirements including minimum and maximum carcass weights.

  • Sheep Carcass Bagged Chilled
  • Sheep Carcass Bagged Frozen
  • Bone in Sheep Cuts Boxed
  • Six Way Sheep Carcass Boxed

All lambs are hand-picked by us team of experienced livestock buyers. All our meat products are processed and shipped according to your local import and hygiene requirements.

A wide range of high-quality Australian Lamb carcasses and cuts are available to meet any specification.

Australia has an international reputation for maintaining the highest standards in food safety and quality, and we apply this commitment throughout our operations.

We have the resources to meet the multifaceted requirements of different international buyers and able to supply high quality Australian Beef and Veal Products to all markets.

There is also a growing worldwide trend for organic produce. Whatever the requirements, we can deliver quality product on time.