Non-poison Solutions

Society today has been instinctively programmed to use poisons for any pest problems we face, literally without a second thought. Poisons are used so liberally, and without much caution and safety, even though they are harmful to our health and environment. Not to mention, insects predominantly become resistant to these chemical strains

Nature has always had its own solutions for pest management. These solutions affect the pest, but they don’t affect us. Our main pest control products are from Cedar Oil Industries.

Pest Control Products


Cedarcide EVICTOR/ORIGINAL is a non-toxic, cedar oil based pest management solution.

It is a great alternative to current poison and chemical based solutions. Repelling pests including ants, mosquitos, fleas, ticks & bed bugs.

Cedar Oil is known for its potent insecticidal capabilities and pheromone diffusion.

Evictor works in a combination of the following ways:

1) Drying up internal body structure

2) Suffocation by coating of airways

3) Pheromonal interference

4) Dissolving insect eggs, larvae, pupae and eroding the exoskeleton and cuticle of adult insects

Directions of Use: Apply directly on human skin, animals or surfaces as a personal repellent. Directly onto insects as an insecticide, or with a cold fogger to fumigate a thick mist to access hard to reach areas such as cracks and crevices.

Ingredients: Texas Red Cedar Oil, Hydrated Silica

Cedarcide PCO CHOICE

Cedarcide PCO CHOICE is a no-poison, cedar oil based solution for specifically designed to treat pre or post insect infestations in agricultural settings.

There are 3 major functions of PCO:

1) Managing existing adult infestations.

2) Managing and preventing next larger generation (eggs and larvae) by interrupting reproductive cycle.

3) Create a barrier of re-entry by repelling/deterring insects from migrating into the treated area.

The solution is a water soluble compound formulated using organic inerts that promote micron sized VMD (droplets) that enables effective control of mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, flies, mites, moths, bed bugs, beetles, ants, termites, silverfish, cockroaches, lice and numerous other non-beneficial insects.

Directions of Use: Does not require applicator’s license. Apply directly onto soil or foliage/vegetation using compression or pressure sprays. PCO does not stain or harm the environment and liquid run-off is not regulated due to safe & environmentally nature.

Ingredients: Texas Red Cedar Oil, Ethyl Lactate

Rodents are smart creatures, they scavenge and nest, and are extremely adaptable to their surroundings. However, they can’t outrun biology. Use natural repellents to create a safe barrier around our living or working spaces.

Our main rodent control product is from Green Shield Labs.

Rodent Control Product

RatSect Pro System

Ratsect Pro is a proven 3-part system that utilises natural ingredients to repel and control rodent populations. The system consists of a supportive system of dust, liquid concentrate, and granules. A combination of the 3 products creates greater effectiveness.

  • Patent Pending Pheromone Disruption Technology
  • Most Effective System of Controlling Rodents
  • Botanical Formula with Non-Toxic Ingredients
  • 100% Biodegradable & Environmentally Friendly
  • Repels Rodents for up to 4-6 Weeks*
  • No Poisons or Traps Needed

It is also counter intuitive that traditional rat control methods or technology attracts rats to your business or home and subsequently attempt to kill them one at a time with poisonous rodenticides, baits, or inhumane glue boards.

Ratsect Pro is a proven 3-part system that utilises natural ingredients to repel and control rodent populations. The system consists of a supportive system of dust, liquid concentrate, and granules. A combination of the 3 products creates greater effectiveness.


Areas of Application

Ratsect Pro applies to majority of industries and sectors such as aviation, tourism & hospitality, industrial, commercial, transportation, agriculture, residential, recreational facilities, food production & many more. The system is effective both in confined spaces and as an external barrier in agriculture.

Ratsect Pro is a powerful repellent that affects insects and rodents alike, deterring them from a treated area. It also works well with pest flushing of a particular area, or even in drains, pipes and hard to reach spaces such as manholes and industrial sewage.

Ratsect Pro has been tested by SGS, efficacy testing by Universiti Sains Malaysia, and is internationally Halal certified.


We’re surrounded by caustic cleaners and solutions damaging to us and our environment. That which supposedly keeps us clean, haunt us day by day. Let’s use these natural formulas to keep us & our loved ones clean and safe.

Our main cleaning and disinfecting products are from Safe Solutions, & AQUAOX.

Cleaning & Disinfecting Products


Tweetmint is a natural enzyme cleaner that is so versatile, it is easier to ask “what won’t it clean?”. Tackle every tough task with All-in-One TweetMint. Experience the awesome power of active enzymes.

The scent of refreshing mint rejuvenates the senses and the results will astonish you! Replace your clutter of caustic cleaners with one simple Safe Solution.

Keep your offices, homes, factories and many more places clean with all natural ingredients.

From glass, stainless steel, and tile down to softest fabrics, carpets, even wool, Tweetmint powers through even the thickest of grime, stains and odours,  and yet does no harm to people, pets or our shared environment.

Tweetmint comes as a concentrate, and it tackles all cleaning tasks with various dilutions. Light dilution – 1:100 (i.e. 10ml:1L), Everyday dilution – 2:100 (i.e. 20ml:1L), Strong dilution – 4:100 (i.e. 40ml:1L).

Some examples of application for the different dilutions include:


  • Windows /Mirrors
  • Stainless steel
  • Dish soap
  • Leather
  • Upjholstery
  • Indoor plants
  • humidifiers


  • carpet shampoo
  • laundry detergent
  • kitchen & bath
  • tub & tile
  • mold & mildew
  • lawn & garden
  • furnace filters


  • stains & odors
  • floor mopping
  • scuff marks
  • concrete
  • car/tire wash
  • stalls & kennels
  • drains & septic


  • adhesive
  • labels & stickers
  • glue/ gum
  • tough stains
  • tar/oil
  • blood/wine
  • tarnish/rust


AQUAOX is a Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) based disinfectant that utilises its high redox potential to eliminate germs, bacteria and virus in a matter of seconds.

The chemical structure HOCL is actually a friend of the human body. It is made by our white blood cells to fight off infections and pathogens. This familiarity means that it is non-cytotoxic & has no adverse effects to the human body.

With a solutions like this, you can get the job done without a second thought about safety or protection.


Electro-Chemical Activation (ECA) is the generation of safe, effective, environmentally friendly disinfectants and cleaners by passing ordinary water containing dissolved sodium chloride through an electrolytic cell. This process forms the active ingredient, Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL).

Different from what AQUAOX has done, Traditional electrolysis cells are only capable of generating small volumes of unstable, low pH oxidized water and the formation of hypochlorite (bleach).

AQUAOX generated HOCL is manufactured with validated devices and processes in accordance with EPA and ISO standards.

​Hypochlorous Acid made with AQUAOX is a high quality and stable solution that does not require any wipe down and does not leave any residue.

We carry 3 main products, AX275, AX525 & Response.

​AQUAOX AX275 is an EPA registered Hospital-Grade, Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) disinfectant for disinfecting germs, bacteria and viruses. AX275 has 275 PPM concentration of HOCL for effective disinfection within seconds, which is great for offices, homes, common spaces, public transportation, shopping centres and many more.

​AQUAOX AX525 is a Hospital-Grade disinfectant with a concentration of 525 PPM for effective use in heavily contaminated areas, such as hospital operating theatres, clinics, toilets.

​RESPONSE is the consumer line of the HOCL

All living things are made up of minerals, and in a very specific balance. Mineral imbalances/deficiencies in living things can cause a myriad of health issues.

​Having ionic minerals means that it is readily absorbed into the systems of living things, instead of having to wait for it to break down.

Our main mineraliser is from Ocean Solution.

OceanSolution products provide mineral nutrients in the form of an ionic solution, the only form that can be directly absorbed by plants.

Ocean Solution contains natural sourced micro and macro nutrients. These ingredients increase the plant’s health by helping fulfill their particular genetic code. Since the primary nutrients are not always available in soils.

  • ​Eco Friendly
  • Cost Effective
  • Environmentally Sustainable
  • Provide plants a full spectrum on minerals
  • Improve taste and nutritional contents of foods
  • Non-toxic and safe to use near children and pets
  • OMRI listed approved for organic production
  • Instantly absorbed (ionic solution)


Rainfall and over irrigation can wash your fertilizer investment down the drain, literally. When the fertilizer is washed away, you are not only losing your investment, but also polluting the environment and local waterways.

An overabundance of nitrogen and phosphorous has proven to cause serious imbalances in the ecology of the affected bodies of water.

These imbalances lead to over production of toxic algae as well as other issues that are detrimental to aquatic organisms, livestock, pets and humans.

Mineraliser Products

OS 2-0-3

OS 2-0-3 is developed for the agriculture industry or anyone interested in growing plants. The numbering system adopted by the company is not the same as the industry standard.

​The numbering for this product does not mean a lack of phosphorus, but no additional phosphorus. OceanSolution’s base contains all 90 naturally occurring minerals in ionic form. There is however, additional Nitrogen and Potassium for the OS 2-0-3 product.

Ocean Solution 2-0-3 can be used in a multitude of applications including irrigation, aquaponics, hydroponics, large acreage farming, commercial landscaping, organic livestock feed and pasture, sprouting, and many more.


OS Pure is developed for human and animal consumption. All living things are made of minerals and trace elements, and these minerals have to be balanced. Many common diseases & illnesses develop in humans and animals due to a mineral imbalance, and this product helps to regulate it by providing all the elements that the body requires.

​OceanSolution is affiliated with the Hippocrates Health Institute in America for the incorporation of OS Pure into their program’s health beverages.

​OS Pure is a great all-purpose animal feed supplement to maximize genetic potential whilst minimizing environmental stress. Supplementing with OS can increase animal calmness/tameness, reduce mortality, increased growth and reproduction. OS Pure can be added to drinking water, feed, or pasture/feed plots.

Spills are everywhere, some worse than others, some more complicated that others. However, current solutions to spills can have adverse effects on the environment and on us, through chemical leakage or run-off, waterway/crop pollution, or even residual dangers. Nature has a fool proof solution.

Our main spill remedy is from DST Manufacturing.

Spill Remedy Product


Nviroclean is an all natural product used to absorb spills, any liquids or semi-liquids, on contact.

​Instantly cleans lubricants, oils, fuels, coolants, chemicals, solvents, paints, liquid detergents, liquid bio waste, food products (ketchups, thick sauces, ice creams, soft drinks, etc.) body fluids, vomits, excrement and many more.

  • All-Natural Product
  • Odourless & Non-Toxic
  • An Absorbent, not an adsorbent
  • Non-biodegradable & Landfill Safe (Amorphous Alumina Silica)
  • Non-Carcinogenic
  • Environmentally Friendly & Safe for Use
  • NSF Certification (Can be used around food)
  • Reusable up to 5 times. (Cost Effective)
  • Meets EPA leaching standard for landfill safe material


Nviroclean is made from Volcanic Rock (Amorphous Alumina Silica) which is mined & sent to a processing plant. The volcanic rock is then processed by heating it to above 1600 degrees to form cavities due to steam, which in turn makes it porous. This results in expanded amorphous silica, which has a brilliant white hue due to the reflection of light on its hollow glassy surface.

Nviroclean comes in a variety of sizes, but most commonly is 5 pound resealable bags that are easy to store. Due to its structure, the product is very light and easily transported.

Nviroclean works faster and safer than other leading spill remediation products, saving you time, money & effort.


Nviroclean is great for homes, small & large businesses, automotive industry, grocery and F&B, industrial settings, logistics, healthcare, marine, aviation, and many more!