Sheep Breeding and Farming

The utility of sheep breeding is timeless, and this particular livestock is so multi-faceted in its usefulness to the world, which is why we focus so heavily on sheep breeding as a viable revenue driver.

We aim to magnify the quantity of high-quality sheep livestock to cater to the ever-increasing demand of meats from the domestic and overseas markets. What’s more, we guide investors looking to expand their portfolio, as well as investors focused on sheep breeding and farming to strategically enter this market. Therefore, we have designed a very promising investment opportunity that allows for a potentially high ROI.

Our Farm

With more than 1,800 acres spanning across the state of New South Wales, continued expansion of company-owned farmland enables us to consistently supply our customers with prime quality lambs throughout the year. Combined, the farms can accommodate 15,000 sheep at one time.

Sheep Farming & Breeding Investment Offering