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Besides Halal certification, we also focus on the farming, trading, and breeding of Halal and quality livestock.

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Halal Certification

Halal certification is a document that guarantees that products and services marketed towards Muslim populations meet the requirements of Islamic law. We issue Halal certificate for products which have been audited and fulfill the Halal Assurance System requirements.


Livestock Breeding

It’s no secret that sheep rearing has a significance in Islamic culture and history. In the grand scheme of things, sheep rearing in the modern era offers the opportunity to feed the ummah on a massive scale while acting as a strong investment vehicle.

Sheep, with their many uses for wool, meat, milk, skins, and manure, are an essential part of the agricultural economy, and provide a consistent source of revenue through the selling of wool and animals.

Horses have also played a prominent role in the historical context of Islamic societies, as a graceful animal that has empowered us through centuries. We work to maintain our premier horse breeding facility for the sale of quality breeds on the global horse buying market.


Sustainable Farming

We also put a lot of emphasis on sustainability measures, which means that we incorporate a multitude of sustainable farming practices including the management of emissions and water use, using natural, organic, and non-poisonous solutions, reducing wastage on farms, and implementing environmentally sustainable land management practices.


Animal Welfare

The humane treatment of animals is another prime focus in the work we do. The caring of animal well-being revolves around policies, procedures and resources all dedicated towards the betterment of animal life on farms. These aspects can include complying with Australia’s animal welfare standards, relying on consistent and high-quality food and supplements for animals, and procedures that ensure animals are pain-free and stress-free throughout each process.

Our Work